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“One Thousand Days Alone” is a significant departure from my previous work as an illustrator. Primarily, because this is the first time I am creating from a purely emotionally symbolic pallet. It took one thousand days of communing with solitude in isolation to discover this new space and form of expression. It also took a lifetime of accumulated experience.


I’ve received some feedback concerned with how “sad” and “dark” this new art feels to some people. The only response I have is that this new art feels completely emotionally and spiritually authentic to me. It feels like the most emotionally honest thing I have ever put forward. As I recently wrote to one of my friends -


“I think there are some of us who must volunteer to go alone into the darkness - because we are meant to, we are designed for it. Without us doing that in an authentic way, those who always live in the light would never have anything to compare it to. Light and Dark - one cannot exist without the other. It is the Yin-Yang balance of the Universe. I suspect, from my own observations of life, that denying one's own darkness is the beginning of what ‘real evil’ is - because those who deny their own darkness do so by projecting it onto others.”

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