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Although I freely distributed my game, Caper in the Castro, as a way to raise funds for AIDS Charities in 1989 - The Game, and all images of both it and I are protected by Copyrights, All Rights Reserved. In 1989, I applied for and received a Registered Copyright on Caper in the Castro, Registration Number-  TXu000363013 / 1989-03-21. Y 

Typically, I only grant permissions to educational institutions, Non-Profit LGBTQ+ Reviewers, Educators, and Fundraisers, and individual historical research scholars.


I do not hesitate to protect my copyrights through legal channels.  So, if you're looking to make a "quick buck" during Pride Month or boost your "likes" and "ratings" - my game is not the content you should choose. 

Caper in the Castro and/or the rights to publish it, in part or whole, are not now for sale, nor will they ever will be for sale. It was released as a free charity device and will always remain such.  It is now available to be played on a free online emulator, and I ask that if you do play it, you consider donating to the AIDS-related charity of your choice or to the Internet Archive which published it on my behalf.

If you wish to obtain and publish images, multimedia content, or videos of the game or myself - please contact me directly.

The licensing fee per image is a flat fee of $100.00 for single-use publications, which includes internet articles.

This also extends to publishing any original graphic illustrations and multimedia work that I create and publish online. My illustrated books are covered by a much more comprehensive copyright, which is printed at the beginning of each edition.

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me.


CM Ralph

<last revised June 5, 2023>

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