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Coffee & Cats each play an important role at The Undisclosed Studio

Life begins after 65! Art, Experimentation, Invention, and Curiosity are my all-consuming and driving passions. A perpetual student and compulsive creator - I am always learning new ways to create and share imaginative content. You will find humor infused in a lot of the things I do. I love to laugh and I think laughter truly has healing and restorative powers. I believe Joy is our natural state and I work hard to protect and maintain my own child-like sense of wonder and playfulness. I further believe that happiness is a choice, not a destination, and not something that can be bestowed upon you by someone else or through the acquisition of higher social status, money, or material objects. While these things may help you feel happy, they are not, in themselves the source of happiness. To find that source one must look within to one's own soul.

I prefer the pronouns: They, Them, and Their.

My claim to fame - I have a small cult following for being the person who created and published the world's first LGBTQ computer game in 1989, Caper in the Castro. (Please refer to copyright/licensing fees for article publications) It was heralded as,  "One of the most important accomplishments in the history of interactive entertainment."  By Paste Magazine.  (I am occasionally asked to do interviews and some fans make YouYube videos about the game. It was also featured in a museum installation in Berlin, Germany Dec 2018 - May 2019)

A late bloomer, I graduated from the University of California @ Santa Cruz program in Interactive Media Design in 2002. I went on to teach evening classes for the University in Digital Film Editing and Special Effects for a couple of years, then in 2004 I graduated from the New York Alternative Film School and began working on building what would one day become my own studio. In 2019 I became a Certified Art Therapy Coach and hope to offer workshops beginning in 2020.

Although my collector base is small, my work can be found in private collections around the world. I am so fortunate to have found collectors who also become friends.

My Philanthropic work began in earnest in September 2019 when I launched a 30 Illustrated Bookmarks of Endangered Species in 30 Days challenge for myself to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. The entire limited-edition sets were sold-out almost immediately on pre-order. I will be offering the set as a smaller format re-release in 2021.

The overwhelming sense of fulfillment I felt at its completion stayed with me long after the project was over and I knew I had found my calling. Now - everything I create is linked to a charity to which I donate a minimum of 10% and in some cases 100% of all my proceeds. You can find out more about that on my Partners in Giving page.

In addition to this philanthropic work, I also serve as a Literacy Tutor for my County Library System and have been a trained & certified Suicide Prevention Counselor in the State of California for over 30 years, currently volunteering my time one day a week with online therapy sites.

I also spend time as a builder and designer of virtual objects, vehicles and destinations in the world of Second Life where I am known as the Mysterious Mechanic. I have been a resident of this virtual world for over 13 years. 


I've had a lifetime of wonderful "mentoring influences" and teachers (both living and deceased) when it comes to my art. Here are some of them in no particular order -


Utagawa Hiroshige, Gustav Dore, Beatrix Potter, Winsor McKay, Edward Gorey, Maxfield Parish, Alphonso Dunn, Scott Robertson, Kerby Rosanes, Peter Deligoish, Geof Darrow, James Gurney, Bobby Chiu, Kim Jung Gi, Shaun Tan, Jono Dry, Jean Girard (Moebius), Hayao Miyazaki, Chip Kidd, Chris Van Allsburg, Jon Tremaine.


The Gnomon Workshop, Dylan Cole, Maxx Burman, Nick Hiatt, Alex Alvarez, Emmanuel Shiu, Andrew Kramer, Ash Thorp, James Paick.

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