The creation of my Multimedia Art and Short Films does not happen in a total vacuum. Although I spend most of my time working in solitude at my studio, there are people who aid, support, and inspire me both as a creator and an individual. 

Rafi & Klee

Artist and Jewelry Maker

I am a very proud member of the artistic family of Rogues that these two have created. I also support this dynamic duo on Patreon and am an avid reader of Rafi's book on art. If you are an artist looking for inspiration and good vibes - check out their YouTube channel

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Scott Buckley

Cinematic Composer & Arranger

I searched for decades to find a composer whose music matched my filmic visions and I am overjoyed that finally, my search has ended in 2021.

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Green Renaissance

Independent Film Company

I feature the films from these wonderful folks on my Blog at least once a week and I support them on Patreon. In their own words - 

"We are on a journey to inspire change - creating beautiful, meaningful stories. Through our films, we explore what it means to be human. We share conversations with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. "

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Lindsay Weirich

The Frugal Crafter / Artist

Lindsay has become the 'Hot Dogs and Apple Pie' in my life. She and her family are such a slice of Americana and I just adore watching her videos. I find them both warmly comforting AND very informative. She is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of art tools and techniques.

Many people in the  "Fine Art Community" snub their noses at Crafting and those who call themselves "Crafters". But I have found that I've learned SO MUCH from this area of creativity. Thank You Lindsay! 

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