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17,616 Hours Alone

Nobody said it was going to be easy. But it has been.

Really, the 'being alone' part has not been bad at all. It only truly goes to hell when I forget just how nasty people can be, and what kind of injuries they are capable of inflicting. How they can blindside you when you least expect it - take the wind right out of your sails (and your lungs).

People are not nice. But I already knew that. What I needed to learn is that people who have been traumatically hurt in their past can be downright, rabidly vicious. They will run you over with a city bus and then stand over your lifeless body, with a smile of satisfied, smug righteousness on their lips. This is how they gain a sense of empowerment and payback-by-proxy. They won. They got the last word in. They hurt YOU before you could hurt THEM.

Dichotomies are so tiresome.

Because the world is filled with these hurt people, who have no where to go with their surplus of pain, they do the only real thing they can do with it - project it as hard as they can onto you and me. *BOOM SPLAT* We're under the city bus.

And the Wheel of Karma turns.

So, that's what I've learned about people over these past 2 years. Being away from them and alone has not been the hard part.

Until next time ...

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