300th Day Alone in Isolation

Photo: The view out my bedroom window this morning

Yesterday I realized that the subjects of my blog no longer attract any readers. There's no drama here, nothing compelling anyone to read it by modern-day standards. I write about old boring things like fountain pens and vintage books. I write about quiet values like Craftsmanship and Integrity. These are things that, apparently, no longer hold any worth or meaning in our modern world. They have no flashing lights and loud noises, no salacious storylines. I currently have maybe one or two people actually reading here. That said, I must also share that gaining back a readership is not the reason I am writing this blog anymore. Because this space is no longer about readers - it is about the writer. I recently shared with a friend that I was considering closing this blog down. But that was before I realized who this blog truly serves. It serves me.

While I used to care a lot about being popular - what people thought of me and how many people were reading my blog and watching my videos - this past year changed all that. Today marks my 300th day alone in isolation and during those 300 days so many things changed for me personally. I believe they changed me for the better.

An Excellent Book Find!

What a find this out of print book was! A treasure trove of images and information about all manner of richly illustrated vintage paper products for children.

Something I've not spoken of to anyone is that, besides all the other things I'm doing, I am developing a murder mystery board game. It is only in the scribbled notes and diagram stages now in my Idea Journal, but it is something I'd really love to one day bring into reality.

This of course, has opened a whole NEW area of inquiry - Board Game Mechanics, Game Theory and Design - and I must say - it is fascinating! When I wrote my computer game, Caper in the Castro, decades ago - I basically just followed my nose and tried whatever I could get away with. But building a physical board game is a whole different animal entirely. I'm having a lot a fun with this too - playing with all the concepts.

Yes, I have a very "busy brain and imagination". But when you stop and consider - I've had nothing to do but THINK for 300 days - that's 7,200 hours of thinking. It is really not surprising that someone like me, who already possesses a busy imagination, would start "Binge Thinking" once all human interactions had been removed.

What may sound surprising is - I've fallen in love with this way of life. At first it was a little scary and concerning, then I went through a phase where I was sad, angry and bitter, but recently something shifted - I think I finally realized I had no reason to engage with the outside world to begin with. It's a world I no longer recognize anyway.

ADDENDUM - 2 hours after I wrote this post I left Facebook. Although I called it "a break" I seriously doubt I will return.

Time to put a bottle of Champagne in the fridge to celebrate today's milestone - and mark the calendar for March 13th 2021 - (3 days before my 66th Birthday) when I'll be celebrating a complete year alone in isolation. Partay Hartay!

Until next time ... Here's Toninho Horta with "Spirit Land" -