365 Days in Isolation

I honestly thought this day would feel like a much bigger deal than it actually does.

Never in my lifetime would I have ever imagined or envisioned spending a year in isolation. It's just not something I would have ever considered planning for.

So much has happened for me, personally, over this past year. I want to point out the distinction of stating that things happened for me instead of to me - because that is one of the major lessons I learned this year.

I used to think that life situations and occurrences were something that happened to me. If I got a flat tire, ran out of milk, had a loved one die, or was betrayed by someone I trusted. I always saw these things as happening TO me.

What I learned from 365 days in isolation is that Life does not happen TO us. It happens FOR us.

The second most important thing I learned is that, despite my isolation, I am not actually 'alone'. This cannot be more eloquently expressed than this song -

The third most important thing I learned is that not all acquired emotional wisdom can be expressed, shared or taught. As a creative artist, I was convinced that my emotions were an endless box of crayons to be opened and utilized when I wanted to express an idea. What I discovered is that, if you peer deep enough into your own soul, just like in the world's oceans, you'll encounter things that defy description. These things are only meant for you to experience. They are not meant to be shared.

That said - in closing, I have nothing to teach you about how to survive a year in isolation. To quote an old adage, "You had to be there."

Until next time ...


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