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$560.00 23k Gold Pencil Sharpener

I'm not going to call out the artist who is hocking this online, but it actually IS a real thing and you can buy it on Amazon for $560.00

I use a Boston Model 24 electric pencil sharpener that I've owned for well over a decade, and a few aluminum hand-held sharpeners that came included with drawing pencil sets.

But this begs the question - "Who buys a $560.00 23k Gold Pencil Sharpener?" And why should I even care?

Actually, I don't care. But it reminds me of something I see more and more lately - this ego-based consumer mindset that our importance as people is based on the perceived value of the objects we own and how good those things look on social media. Rather than seeking validation for the content of our characters - we want people to "like" us for the photos of 23k Gold Pencil Sharpeners we post on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

But - "Surdo oppedere. " Latin - "I belch before the deaf."

Until next time ...

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