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All-Day Power Outage, Binge Reading, Banned from Facebook

So I've had an exciting day!

For some unknown reason, the power company or the City or someone in charge decided to replace the power pole on my corner. No one bothered to notify me, so here I was this morning in the middle of writing emails, and BAM! NO POWER. A SPECIAL NO POWER ALL DAY FOR YOU Power Outage. Which gave me the perfect excuse to lay on the couch, drink iced tea in the bright sunshine and read books all day! YAY!

I'm just about finished with Brene Brown's 'Daring Greatly' and just about to start ...

Ryan Holiday's 'Stillness is the Key'

I have several sketches for the book ready to be inked which I'll start later this week.

And yeah - I got Banned from Facebook for a month based on a cartoon image they cited as 'dangerous' which I posted in November 2017 - I SHIT YOU NOT.

It is June 2022 - ?!?!? They must have a new AI Bot searching archives for things to threaten people with - Here is the dangerous image -

I only use Facebook to post notices about my progress with the book which is done through my blog so no big loss there - in fact, I found it rather humorous and made their Restricted Message part of my Profile Header Photo - LOL.

Until next time ... since the power is back on ... I GOT THE POWER!

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