Well, it's after midnight so Friday is officially upon us - I wanted do a recap of my week, I know that I have been remiss in regular postings here - something I hope to correct going forward.

My main studio computer died on me - resulting in a few days of lost work, missed connections and general anxiety - it ended with me tearing it apart, cleaning it, reseating all the main boards and discovering what I thought was a power supply fan that had died causing the machine to overheat - but it turns out I was wrong about that, as the power supply fans on the Dell XPS are not supposed to spin until you are throwing more than 20% load on the unit.

Immediately following this - the computer started and was working fine until the next day when Microsoft sent through a large update package - after which the computer died again resulting in the blank blue screen of death -

But I had learned from my last adventure with Windows 10 updates that go bad - NOT to turn off the computer - so I let it sit like this for 30 - 45 minutes and lo and behold - when I returned to the studio it had booted itself to my normal desktop and has been running remarkably well - I am, however, running it with the side cover OFF which results in a much cooler computer.

THEN... on Wednesday, I got my second Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine - and much to my great surprise and JOY - I had minimal side effects from it. (unlike the first shot)

To celebrate I ordered some normal cloth face masks - as I had been wearing the industrial version of the N95 - a P95 - with a cloth mask over it for the past year. The P95 has a vinyl seal which wraps around the mouth and nose - is itchy and sweaty as fuck and just plain uncomfortable on all levels.

Then today I found out I have to pay several thousands of dollars to rid my house of termites and velvety tree ants. Which depressed me for a short time until I realised that instead of feeling depressed, I needed to feel appreciative that I even have a house to live in. And that I have good friends who I can call and bitch about my fucked-up week to.

So tonight I was watching TV and had a sudden hankering for a cup of my newest favorite tea - which I made using my new electric tea kettle - BOTH of which I appreciate very much ...

And while drinking the tea I thought about posting this blog to you - whoever and where ever you are reading this - to remind you that no matter how many fucked-up things happen to you, there is always something to be grateful for and to appreciate about your life. You just have to look for them.

Until next time ...

PS - I also got kicked-off and suspended from Facebook for posting this -

Don't piss off the rich people - they don't like that.