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Bigger Than Expected!

Holy Cow!!! It's nearly 6 feet tall! It was so big and heavy -duty I had to assemble it in the main hall and then roll it down to the studio - LOL (The cats thought it was a new tram service for them to travel up and down the hall.)

Luckily, I was able to shift a couple work tables around and had plenty of room for it in the main studio - so I can just turn and look at it from my computer desk it if needed for reference. (Another batch of Bookmarks is being laminated & trimmed on the far table and I'm experimenting with vintage designs for custom stationary on the closer table.)

(some of my pen pals will be getting letters with this stationary)

I'm excited about using the dry erase board to map-out the structure of my book and see who goes where and does what to who and how! (not sure that was a grammatically correct sentence.) That's another reason why I need you all to keep sending your loving and healing thoughts to my Editor who remains in the hospital.I need her back to work! My spilling and graymar reeely sock!

I've been watching documentary footage about one of my very favorite music innovators - Moby. So, I wanted to share a snippet of one here with you. Moby describes the re-recording of "Natural Blues" using a live orchestra & gospel choir in the middle of the pandemic. I just love his energy.

Until next time ...

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