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Book News - Editor's Gone Wobbly

The woman responsible for making sure all my apostrophes, commas, neologisms, and dangling participles are in their correct and proper working order is currently in the hospital after experiencing a severe attack of 'wobbliness'.

I would like to ask all friends and followers of my book's progress to say a prayer, or light a candle, or meditate, differentiate, elucidate or whatever it is you choose to do, in order to contact a power greater than yourself - and beseech said power to bring about her speedy recovery (not her 'seedy recovery' - I almost typed that. THIS is why I so desperately need an editor) and please send lots of love and healing vibes her way.

Over the phone last night from her hospital bed she informed me that apparently, 'laughing really hard' is an issue for her at this time, triggering her fits of wobbliness, as it restricts oxygen to her tender heart - so, whatever you do - DO NOT SHOW HER THIS BLOG POST.

As with many of my close personal friends, she has her own character illustration in the book -

In fact, 'The Malingering Buttress' had it's early roots in an idea she and I developed nearly a decade ago - a nonsense book entitled, "The Dinner Party" - which was to be an endless series of Victorian-esque grand introductions with accompanying illustrations -

"Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Clamberton - Main protagonists of the Community for Pickled Vitriol, well known for their research in Germanic miniature inlaid end tables"

To this day, we continue to occasionally exchange such charmingly random silliness in our emails.

So, please do send your best healing thoughts her way.

Until next time ... Here's some of her favorite music -

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