Christmas Eve Thoughts on Craft & Craftsmanship

This short film, "Moments" has always felt to me like an ode to my ancestors - the tens of thousands of nameless illustrators and engravers who have come before me. I was originally going to use this in a film I was writing about Forgotten Illustrators, but ultimately decided to to abandon the project. I hope you enjoy it.

I was reflecting this morning on why I have been feeling so damn good every day since I began working on this new project designing and making articulated greeting cards. Working with pen and ink at my drawing table, employing age-old traditions that link me with illustrators who laid ink on paper hundreds of years before me.

There is something very psychologically and spiritually fulfilling about this kind of work, using my hands to fashion things. The activity itself brings forth a sense of oneness between myself and the Universe. The oldest romances are said to be between and eye and the hand and between the pen and paper.

Perhaps I am feeling all this even more acutely because I spent so many years working only digitally on a computer, creating virtual objects. So that my return, now, to the tactile world of making and fashioning objects with my hands feels all the more compelling, substantial, and acutely satisfying.

Whatever the reason, I rejoice in my happiness and peace. Laboring in a solitude I no longer resent, but instead embrace and look forward to with great anticipation each morning when I arise.

This Christmas I wish the same sense of joy, peace and fulfillment for you.


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