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Collab-Lab Art Challenge

I'm working on my piece for Rafi & Klee's Collab Lab Art Challenge, due March 25th, and because of it's complexity, I chose to simultaneously create a little "Making of" video, teaming-up once again with the music of Scott Buckley - who has been the answer to all my film-making prayers. This is the music I chose for the WIP.

The reason that this particular Art Challenge project is so convoluted is because I am learning a few new digital art programs, I wanted to use ALL of them in the creation of this image, in addition to my traditional pen & ink and watercolor. I envision the finished project to be in the style of a Ukeyo-e print from 17th Century Japan -

All of this is being accomplished on the new studio computer and I must say, I could not be happier with how well this machine is handling everything I throw at it.

Much of the heavy lifting is handled by the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card.

This little making-of video will be the first time I will be Letter Boxing the film aspect ration - which I just personally love the look of, 1920 x 830 pixels.

Hope this finds you all well and excited to be working on your own special projects.

Until next time ...

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