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Creating 100 Things

The infamous studio book illustration planning whiteboard.

The Malingering Buttress DIY Murder Mystery grinds on ... and on ... but it's really only 50 things - just 50 things that need creating.

AND HEY! I just completed creating 100 things in another area of my life and this gives me the energy and hope that I can finish the book this year - I just need to focus and drink lots and lots of coffee.

I just finished healing from a minor sprain to my right wrist - I have NO IDEA how I injured it - LOL Welcome to old age! Pass the THC Gummies and Tylenol!

Also in health news - I think I'm FINALLY done with the "Gauntlet of Testing" that was going on. I can tell you that I've become an expert in discerning the aesthetic appeal of hospital ceilings. Having spent many hours laying on beds staring up at them as I am being prodded, poked, needled, and probed.

The BIG Question EVERYONE is asking -

"Will Godzilla make an appearance in your book?"

The answer is a resounding "YES". Even though doing so may be outside the boundaries of your idea of a typical English Manor Murder Mystery Cozy. We must think outside the box, people!


Until next time ...

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