Day 265 - Studio Diary

It always fascinates me that when I am working on one project I begin to get so many new ideas for another one that I am not working on. I've heard this explained as a side effect, like "priming the pump" of your imagination by working from it, thus encouraging greater activity that results in more and more ideas.

In my off-working hours I've been reading a lot of new books and watching a lot of films - many that I overlooked during the past few years. Deciding to allow my curiosity and the feeling of "being drawn" to certain subjects to lead the way here - it has led to many enjoyable hours of reading and research. At 65, I think I have MORE questions now than I ever did in my earlier life about so many things. Fractal and Geometric design being one of them.

I have more books on order surrounding these topics - the work of MC Escher, the Golden Ratio, Fractals, and Sacred Geometry are included in those orders.

After this, I think I want to learn about architectural design. There seems to be no end to my subjects of curiosity. When I learn about one thing it leads me to want to learn about another.

I've also been learning about altered states of consciousness. The first thing most people think when they hear that term is "drugs" like LSD, ect. But that's not what I'm studying. I'm interested in learning about the states of altered consciousness we enter into everyday without even noticing. While driving a car and your mind wanders, day dreaming, dreaming while sleeping, prayer, meditation, becoming absorbed in a book, game or movie, and creative states - when time seems to dislodge from all of it's moorings. I think just about everyone has done this - been engaged in some activity that so captures your focus that you suddenly look-up at the clock and realise 4 hours have gone by which you cannot accurately account for.

These past 265 days have been an altered state of consciousness for me. I'm willing to bet I am not alone in this observation.

I'm also continuing to explore music and short films that are new to me, so -

Until next time ... here's "The Spectacular Quiet" by Lights & Motion


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