Dealing With Toxic Drama

Here's your Tuesday Wisdom. Walk away from toxic people spewing drama and get as far away from them as possible as quickly as possible.

Don't ever look back. No matter what they say to bad mouth you, lie about you, blame you in the court of public opinion - let ALL that go - Don't look back - let them roll around in their social media pile of self pity victimhood, just keep going forward and say a prayer of gratitude every damn day that their insanity is no longer part of your life.

You can't fix stupid and you can't argue with crazy.

Move on. Move forward. They are someone else's toxic drama now. Go out and buy yourself a gift to celebrate what a smart decision you made by getting away from them.

Celebrate your drama free, toxic free life.

Until next time ...Here's Cheap Trick with - "Ain't that a Shame"


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