Drinking a Box of Crayons and Other Stories

Did you ever try to eat crayons when you were a kid?

A while ago I was given a gift box of mixed Teas from Harney & Sons, an American Tea company. Among the teas was one called "Bangkok" - organic green tea with coconut, lemon grass, ginger and vanilla -

I was feeling adventuresome the other night and tried it - it both smells and tastes to me like a box of crayons. Seriously, a box of crayons.

I absolutely LOVE IT !!!

I ordered 3 tins from Amazon.

Skeeter goes to the Doctor

My poor little car's battery died. It was the original, so 7 years old. Luckily Triple A was able to take it to a repair shop that had a battery for it and we are as good as new!

This little adventure was a wonderful exercise in Gratitude for me. Everyone was so helpful and everything turned out better than I imagined.

Normally this kind of thing would have sent me into a panic, I would have become angry and frustrated or felt helpless and alone - but through my new practice of meditation and some of the new concepts I am learning - I saw it as just another challenge to be met. This is due, in part, to the 7 minute video below WHICH CHANGED MY LIFE -

The Fountain Pen Murders

I decided that the Fountain Pen Murders would take place in a very Agatha Christie type English countryside manor - aptly named Murderton Manor - LOL - So I made a postage stamp for it - 6 cents is a play on words - Sixth Sense. In my imagination I envision Edward Gorey and Agatha having tea in the conservatory.

Speaking of Cats

A very dear friend sent me this poster - I absolutely love it. An artist and his cat.

Here at the undisclosed studio, my brood of 4 hooligans have forced me to order AN ADDITONAL 2 4'x2' WORKTABLES. Because it seems no matter how much workspace I think I have - they claim it. HA!

That about wraps it up from here. Our weather remains cold but each day slowly warms-up a bit more. I think the high today is going to be 64 degrees. Soon it will be time to start the seeds for this year's herb garden. I'm looking forward to that.

Until next time ... Here's a captivating piece of music from the film 'A Beautiful Mind' composed by James Horner -