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Facebook Never Fails to Disapoint

I've been here before so I know the drill. I already KNEW this was going to happen on this platform.

Posts about my book on the Edward Gorey fan page reached upwards to 250 "likes" - or positive engagements.

When I began my OWN page for the book, On March 1st - just 4 days ago, having announced it on the Edward Gorey fan page - Engagement peaked at 51 people then dropped to 41 people - and NOW, today it is 2 people.

Of course, all the while, Facebook is sending ME notices to "BOOST" my posts by paying THEM money so I can reach more people.

Uh huh.

Mark Zuckerberg is personally worth OVER $130 BILLION DOLLARS. So - No.

No, I'm not going to pay you any money, bitch. No matter how much you strong-arm me by suppressing and hiding my posts.

But this is what I've been talking about recently with other artists - Facebook purposely suppresses and/or hides posts from new businesses in order to get them to PAY to boost traffic. Besides selling your personal information, this is how they make money.

I'll continue to post progress for the 2 people who are interested. But my main info hub will remain HERE on my Blog on MY WEBSITE where I control what goes on. And by extension - Fuckbook - ooops, oh, I meant to say, "Facebook".

NONE of this has ANY AFFECT on the outcome of my work. I will write and illustrate this book, publish it on Amazon and move on to my next project. People who want the book will buy it. End of story.

Until next time ... Here's Black Math with 'Detonate'-

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