It's being released in BLU-RAY!!! Godzilla vs King Kong!

I am a MEGA MONSTER FILM fan and ever since HBO released this title I've been geek-drooling and waiting for it to come out on Blu-Ray (because I refuse to subscribe to HBO just to watch one film) - at long last, Amazon began taking pre-orders for the Blu-Ray & DVD and I am on the list - even got a whopping discount - it's being released tomorrow and I'll have it by June 23 - 25th.

So, YAY!!!!

Don't forget to grab your own "Crush it like Godzilla" coffee mug at my store!

And speaking of pen and ink - I'm going to be finishing the long awaited Fox drawing this week! So, YAY again!! Don't just start your day - Crush it like Godzilla!

Until next time ... Here's Blue Oyster Cult with their 1977 song - "GODZILLA"


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