Finding The Edges

Working with glass, it's important to know where the edges are and how to handle them properly so you don't get cut.

Working with my life is a lot like that too.

I recently made a couple of really bad decisions regarding my personal life, and in doing so, I got cut and I got hurt. Because I refused to honor where my own edges are. Where my personal boundaries are. I have no one to blame but myself for this.

I KNEW where my edges were - but I failed to honor them. I completely failed to honor my own boundaries. It's this kind of childish fantasy, "I'll just do this - just one more time, it will work THIS time" magical thinking that always gets me in trouble. It constitutes willful ignorance on my part.

At my age and level of life experience there's simply no excuse for magical thinking.

Thus, now I'm dealing with a boatload of toxic shame, self hatred and self loathing - which only wastes EVEN MORE of my creative time because I can't see past it to do my work.

So, it's back to my Journaling, STOP ruminating in my mistakes, back to meditation, rekindle some self-forgiveness, be nice to myself, and focus on my plans for the glass studio. Get back to being my own best friend once again.


The supplies I've been waiting on have arrived - they are being temperature acclimated right now for stability. I only lack a cooking thermometer and I can run to a local store and hopefully find one there.

Apparently, I was not selected to be an affiliate for The Heritage Type Co. I'm not surprised as I have no following, so they probably saw my studio site as a waste of time.

I also never heard back about the online classes for Verre Eglomise, so I will be teaching myself everything as best I can. I got a book recently that I just started reading. I think I may be better off WITHOUT training because that will leave me with "Beginners Mind" - the state where everything's possible in my thinking and approach to this.

And lastly - it's July 3rd and I'm STILL WAITING for my Federal Tax return of $2,133.00

Until next time ... Happy 4th of July and here's OTT with "Rogue Bagel"


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