Fleas, Furniture, and Fun

Day 378

Spot, my "special needs child" who loves to lay up against the screen door in the studio found some outdoor friends to join him ... fleas.

Immediately upon discovering this harsh reality I went into action - 8 loads of laundry,(pet bedding, blankets, sheets, throw rugs, anything he may have come in contact with) and cleaning the house top to bottom. Thankfully, Amazon delivered the treatments for the cats and other supplies the NEXT day - area sprays and powders for rugs and bedding.

All 4 kids have now been treated with Advantage and the house is clean & clear. No sign of any further fleas.

Everything in the Universe being connected, having to clean all over prompted me to finally move some furniture around. My main CD cabinet is now out of the studio and in the hall. Having done that, I was able to locate some music I've been searching for to rip into digital form, as I began DJing again in the virtual world last week. 2 hours on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Music is so healing for me and sharing it publicly just seems to make it even better.

I ran across some wonderful stuff from the mid and late 1990's. Michael Franks, Billy Barber, Sting. harry Connick Jr. Listening to music I haven't heard in years is as refreshing to me as finding new music! I think this is one of the bonuses of age and memory loss. I find beauty in things I have not seen or heard in decades as if I am experiencing them for the first time.

Since I'm streaming Smooth Jazz & Bossa Nova on Fridays - I thought I'd share a Michael Franks tune I ripped tonight - Light and Breezy - just makes me want to sit on the beach, and watch the sunset while sipping a Pina Colada. Hope your weekend is fun too!

Until next time ...


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