Gifts of Disengagement

I am discovering, day by day, that the more I disengage from social media, the "news" and lessen my exposure to the internet in general - the happier, more creative and more at peace I become.

In yesterdays blog post here I mentioned that the past 13 years have felt more like 150 years to me. I was not joking. That sudden realization stayed with me all day and I spent a great deal of time since I wrote that post - asking myself, "Why? Why does it feel like 150 long and miserable years?"

Why am I feeling so overwhelmed all the time? Why am I feeling so agitated all the time? Was there a time I did NOT feel like this?

The answer was, unequivocally, YES.

Yes, there was a time when I did not feel like this - and that time was before the internet entered my life. Before the world news and every possible global catastrophe and every petty interpersonal drama was playing-out in real time broadcasting full blast 24/7 into my life - on my computer, on my TV, on my cell phone. This unrelenting avalanche of negativity, revulsion, fear, and hopelessness. The Siren Song of social media that demands I constantly compare myself and my life to that of others and repeatedly without fail, find myself lacking.

In the book 'Peace is Every Step' by Thich Nhat Hanh he talks about closing windows.

He wrote that one day when he'd gone for a walk, the wind had torn open the windows and doors of his house and all his paperwork had been blown through the rooms, and it got very cold. He immediately shut the windows, made a fire in the hearth and picked up his papers. Then he sat by the fire and got warm again.

Hanh compares our senses to windows looking out to the world. His point is that often we forget to close them in time, and then the world rushes in and we feel overwhelmed and alone.

Your mileage may vary - but it's time for me to close more of my windows.

Here are two really good short films about creativity -

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