Good News and Bad News

The Good News - I've chosen Classic Storybooks as my first ephemera product theme. Mainly because of my own deep love for them.

In doing so however, I needed to review some copyright and trademark laws for little "gotchas" - as things like the word "Narnia" are actually copyrighted and trademarked. So I'll be approaching these items very carefully and probably through ONLY using my own illustrations without the use of key words or identifiers. (Disney, in particular, is a highly litigious corporation.)

The Bad News - During my review of copyright laws I learned something new - something that I'd assumed extremely incorrectly - In the USA you CAN be sued for using copyrighted music in a video even though that video is not monetized, sponsored or makes you any money at all. I'd always assumed the most that would happen to me would be receiving a cease and desist letter demanding the video be taken down. But No - There are people and companies who immediately sue WITHOUT WARNING over this issue. Which would force me to incur a lot of legal expenses I simply can't afford. So, I'll be taking down all my public links to my videos that contain copyrighted music. I can always replace the sound tracks later with Royalty Free music.

I also learned that FONTS are NOT and CANNOT be protected by copyright. Something else I never knew.

Also - I learned an entirely new way to transfer a laser printer image to a wood surface. I'll be experimenting with that later.

So, it has been a very educational Sunday for me! LOL

Until next time ... Here's Josh Groban with 'Pure Imagination'


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