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Hello and Welcome!

I've been rather preoccupied with my virtual business - getting things set-up to run there without so much hands-on needed in the future, besides adding new products.

I have a tremendous amount of fun creating things for a virtual world, mainly because there are no rules there - LOL (I hate rules, don't you?)

Besides that, during the pandemic it was great to be able to do things like attend concerts, be in crowded bars, go surfing and sailing - etc. Without worrying about wearing a mask or social distancing.

But - now that I've had my first COVID shot and on to the next May 12th - I hope to begin venturing outside in the Real World more often.

The kids are doing fine - they've completely taken over the worktables in the studio ...

as well as my office chair ...

it's hard to get anything accomplished here - LOL

I hope this post finds you all enjoying your Tuesday.

Until next time - Here's a happy little song to dance to -


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