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The speaker system arrived a day early.

Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 260 WATT 3 " Midrange Speakers and 6.5" Sub Woofer.

After hooking them up I went directly to my favorite film composer, Scott Buckley's folder and as his music played I could feel my lungs vibrating with the power pouring through the studio. I breathlessly began to cry at the absolute beauty, brilliance, depth and clarity of what I was hearing for the first time. Why did I wait so long to do this?

If 675 days alone in this pandemic have taught me anything it is this - Don't put off your dreams. Don't deny yourself the things that feed your soul. Create freely without regret or fear of judgement - put your visions out there, whatever they are - they were given to you for a reason - so you could share them with the rest of us here.

It's a new day - no matter who you are or where you are or how old you are - keep moving forward, unafraid - don't look back and never cease creating your dreams.

Crank up the volume, close your eyes and take an epic trip with me - (spoiler alert)

Until next time ...

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