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Home Repairs & Studio Goals & Changes

The ceiling light in the main studio began flickering to the point where I stopped using it completely. This is not a terrific option for an art studio that needs lots of light in order to function properly.

After watching a YouTube on possible causes of flickering lights and armed with the past knowledge that I've had to replace switches in other rooms of the house due to crappy and cheap original building materials - I hedged my bet and replaced the wall switch and LOW AND BEHOLD! No more flickering! YAY!


Studio Changes Continue

Back in January of this year I began to explore creating more analog / less digital content in both my studios. I can report that this has felt like a positive move for me and a path I am continuing to forge. After a recent brief return to digital 3D and realizing just how deeply unhappy and soul-sucking it was for me - I have chosen to redouble my efforts with handheld, analog tools and materials.

To support these efforts I am continuing to re-tool the studio, which costs absolutely nothing because I already own everything I need. So Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner! Less electronics & cables cluttering my work surfaces is also very nice! Also - NOT sitting and staring at screens for hours on end is a major life-enhancing bonus and such a refreshing physical and mental change.

Goal Setting

An important part of any life-work-change strategy is establishing reasonable & achievable goals. This is where I am currently. It is all too human to set unreasonable and unachievable goals, so I am spending some time being mindful of this. Obviously, finishing my book is the top priority. But there are supporting priorities that ensure this main goal will be reached, one of which I've been doing since last year - limiting engagement on social media platforms. I thank Cal Newport for this one and I highly recommend his book, "Deep Work".

Deep work: “Activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limits.”

So, this is what I'm doing currently - reviewing my creative choices, retooling the studios and clarifying my creative work goals.

Until next time ...


Congratulations Mr. Depp on winning your Defamation Lawsuit.

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