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How I Am Starting Over

For a creator to be suddenly and irreversibly cut-off from their audience, followers and content (in my case, my YouTube channel) it can at first feel very devastating. As if I'd lost everything when Google permanently locked me out of all my accounts.

But I did not lose everything. What I still have is time, my ideas, my content, my studio, and the will to move forward and create.

I'm choosing to start over at 67 years old because I don't know how to be someone who does NOT create art and films. It is who and what I am. And so, I must start over. Here is how I am doing that -

Taking time to let go.

Being gentle with myself.

Remembering it is one step at a time.

Taking consistent baby steps towards my goals.

Accepting the changes that come.

Setting realistic goals and deadlines.

Learning new skills.

Asking for help.

Remembering to breathe.

Reminding myself that Change is the only constant in the Universe.

I can be reached at:

Until next time ...

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