How I Handle Hate Mail & Mean People

I get "Hate Emails" every now and then. Mainly because I am shamelessly outspoken about certain topics. Oompa Loompa's presidency was one of them. Gender issues is another one. The "Mind Prison of Lies" that is Second Life is a more recent one.

I generally read the first line and if it begins with "You are a camel fucker" or "Fuck you, mother fucker," or whatever - I stop reading right there and take the steps outlined above, Block and Delete.

What I've observed about mean people on the internet in general, you know - those types who just love to make derogatory comments on your social media posts, ect. and these folks who send me Hate Emails in particular, is that they are all just little school yard bullies and cowards. Hiding behind a computer screen and spewing meaningless venom, (usually misspelled and grammatically incorrect) because they think they are somehow "empowered" by their anonymity to do so.

They never stop to think that I can trace their computer's IPv4 and IPv6 address right back to the street address of their little hell holes, if I cared to do so. (I didn't spend 30 years working in Silicon Valley and not learn a few things ... **wink**)

So much for anonymity, huh?

I genuinely feel sorry for these people whose lives are so intellectually and emotionally emaciated that they have nothing better to do than send me their messages of hate.

For some reason, I always picture the person who sends me stuff like this as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars -

Instead of composing hate emails maybe they could try something more beneficial - There are THOUSANDS of hobbies listed here -

Until next time ... Here's Pharrell Williams with "Happy" -


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