I Don't Know What This Is ...

The Man's Photo is Courtesy of the Library of Congress Public Domain Files

The Assorted Ephemera is from my personal collection.

Is it art?

Is it humor?

Is it nonsense?

Is it commentary?

Is it all of the above?

Over a decade ago a dear friend of mine in Scotland and I began exchanging nonsensical introductions of imaginary people in emails. I recorded them in a document that has now grown to 5 pages long.

At first I thought it might make a good illustrated book but I could never quite resolve the idea in my head. Then I thought I could use the characters in a murder mystery board game that I'm developing.

Then more recently, I returned again to the idea of a book.

However, NOW I like the idea of this memory box. It isn't an actual box - I created all of it digitally. Yet, I really like it.

But still ... WHAT IS IT? Is it marketable as art? I don't know.

The first Historical Photographic Curiosity I put in the store actually sold - which both amazed and delighted me - and caused me to think maybe I'd add more Historical nonsense photos at some point in the future, because they are fun to do as well.

But this Memory Box thing ... WHAT IS IT ???

Until next time ... Here's the very aptly named "I Don't Know What It Is" by Rufus Wainwright


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