I Haven't Forgotten About My Book

I realize I have not talked about it since last year - but my planned art book, INTERSECTION, is still being worked on. I was deep into harvesting raw base images back in February when I was suddenly side-tracked for about 4 months.

That sidetrack combined with computer issues and my stilted learning curve using the new Wacom Cintiq also slowed things down. But now with the new studio layout and a dedicated computer for the task, I am back at work.

I will probably now ping-pong back and forth between this project and the Glass Studio, with drawing breaks thrown in here and there.

As with all projects, INTERSECTION has conceptually changed in my mind over time - it began as a way to showcase my surrealistic landscape matte paintings - but now I think it will have a broader context, encompassing the best of my digital art across the board. I think this will also help keep the book fresh and interesting to page through.

I have not published an illustrated book since my children's book, WillowMouse, in 2008 - (13 years ago.) UGH - it feels more like 150 years ago to me - HAHAHA!!

(I'm not sure what that says about my life. But I have an idea WHY it feels like 150 years)

Even MORE equipment is on order for the Glass Studio. After the arduous task of hand-cutting the vinyl stencil for the first piece, I soon realized that I needed to buy a vinyl cutter.

So, I ordered a Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint - It should be here on Thursday- You can learn more about them here -

Well - I think that just about catches us up on all the studio news for now. I hope this post finds you well and being creative in your own studios!

Until next time ... Don't forget to dance. Don't forget to play. Don't forget to be curious.

Here's a fun tune from Shpongle - "Brain in a Fishtank"


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