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I'm So Negative

Okay, No COVID - now that we got that out of the way, let's get back to work.

Before my life went upside down, I had 3 projects going on.

1. A Murder Mystery Card Game - 30 cards in pen & ink

2. A Book of my Digital Art - Matte Paintings of Universes Intersecting

3. A Collab Lab art challenge with Rafi & Klee ( see YouTube below)

All of these projects require that I sit (or stand) for long periods of time either in front of a computer screen or at a drawing table. At nearly 67 years old with hip & tailbone deteriorative osteoarthritis and calcific tendonitis in my right ham string this was beginning to prove more and more difficult and was also effectively driving me deeper and deeper into depression. So, I enlisted the help of my Dr. who, to her credit, did everything she knew how to do. She prescribed various pain medications including opioids, nerve blockers, and antidepressants which I, one by one, rejected and stopped taking for a myriad of reasons.

I am currently trying an all natural approach to pain relief and am in the midst of ergonomically re-designing my studio. (something I should have done 4 years ago when I designed this studio) This is happening in tandem with the technological upgrades and new computer I spoke of in an earlier post.

One of these upgrades is arriving this Friday and I am excited about it - a THX Certified sound system -

This particular part of the studio upgrade was purely selfish on my part. Well, in fact all of them are in a way, as I have decided in 2022 to start spending my money on what I want to do and the toys I want to play with. This is in stark contrast with what a few people who used to be close to me wanted me to do with my money, which was effectively - give it to them …


No. You cannot have my money. No. I will not sign my money over to you.

I need my money to buy cool shit for my studio. If you need money you can work in factories for 45 years and save it up just like I did. Easy Peezy.

I just got an email today from the company building my UBER COMPUTER that it has left the warehouse and entered the build phase. YAY.

Off we go - in my next post, whenever that is, I will layout my pipeline for the book illustrations by using the subject of my Collab Lab challenge as a basis - to learn more about the challenge you can check out this video -

I am a patron, friend and member of the Rouge Family of Rafi and Klee. I adore both of them endlessly.

Until next time ... Blog Peeps - my message to you is: Carry On -

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