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Inarticulate Bandersnatch

This blog post is for creators who post work online and have not yet figured-out the most fundamental rule of the game. It contains adult language because I am an adult. Lately, I've seen more and more creative people getting lost in this swamp of self-inflation, self-involvement and self-delusion.

Everyone who posts their creative work on the 'inter-webs' does so under the impression that 'SOMEONE' will care and enjoy it or maybe even agree with it, or even better - become a fan or subscriber and reach out to you via email with a question or comment. Oh wouldn't that be wonderful?

But the truth is - there's over 4.66 BILLION people on the internet. NONE OF THEM (other than MAYBE close friends & family) GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE POSTING. So, if you are sitting there at your computer WAITING for someone to care before you post your work - you might want to rethink that plan. They don't care now and they won't care after you post whatever you think is "worthy" of posting.

People go on the internet for ONE REASON - THEMSELVES. They post photo's OF THEMSELVES. They shop FOR THEMSELVES. They HYPE THEMSELVES on social media in order to favorably compare THEMSELVES to others. The only time they find other people remotely interesting is when there is some salacious gossip to be found. Seriously - people don't care how long it took you to write that book, poem or song, draw or paint that picture, edit that photo, or make that film.

If there is nothing in it FOR them it means nothing TO them.

Who do you create for?

You create for yourself.

Say it with me -

"Who do I create for?"

"I create for myself."

Keep repeating that until it sinks-in. Once you get it - you will be empowered.

Unless you are really super fulfilled by selling coffee mugs and shower curtains with your art poorly printed on them - you HAVE TO GRAB THIS ONE FACT FIRMLY BY THE ASS AND WRESTLE IT TO THE GROUND. YOU ARE HERE TO BE A CREATIVE CONDUIT BRINGING FORTH THAT WHICH YOU FEEL COMPELLED TO EXPRESS AND EXPERIENCE IN THIS WORLD.

If you genuinely have a creative gift, I assure you that you are not here to become a slave to an algorithm. You are not meant to beg to be 'liked' and pander for followers, subscribers, and sycophants. It's not your job to get people to agree with you, understand you, or even care about you.

Therefore -

You've been given a GIFT.

You are here to do ONLY ONE THING. USE IT.


And what other people think about that is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.

Until next time ...

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