It Pays to Work Late!

6:30AM Saturday, January 16. 2021

Well 8 hours ago I was feeling pretty full of myself - congratulating myself for getting so many things listed in the store ... oh yeah ... I was flying mighty high!

Then I got an email from my Graphic Design Quality Control Manager in Scotland - NOTHING gets past this women's eyes. She can see dust on a housefly's ass.

Her email went on to alert me to a problem she saw on my coffee mugs - the white of the art's background did not blend-in fully with the white color of the ceramic mugs ...

Sure enough - I looked closely at the photos and ... OMFG. I have to redo ALL of them! I could not risk anyone buying a mug and getting something like that sent to them

So I edited all the art with transparencies, loaded all the new files and applied them to the mugs. They really do look a lot nicer now. It took a while because each mug comes in 4 different colors and the images are printed on both sides so that's 24 images to edit.

Just as I was sending off the ALL CLEAR email to my Darling Quality Assurance Manager and was ready to log off and get some sleep - ANOTHER email popped up from the company that makes my sound mixing software - offering me the next upgrade for 80% OFF!! What a DEAL!!! So I guess it really does pay to work late!

Until next time - Here's all the Geeky Goodness about my new software!


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