It's Okay to Say "No."

I recently shared with a friend that in 2020 I permanently removed 5 people from my life. Her reaction was, “WOW! That’s a LOT of people.

I agree, it was. However, it was also unavoidable and essential to my personal happiness and financial welfare and stability.

Looking back over those 5 decisions I see that they all had one thing in common –


All 5 of these people were acting-out their perceived entitlement to access my personal and professional life and 2 of them were actively seeking to gain access to my finances. One went so far as to steal my identity and order a credit card from my bank. Thankfully this identity theft was discovered and thwarted before any harm came to me.

During the course of 2020 I also discovered that extracting myself from situations and environments that nurture and support toxic, entitled behavior was instrumental in my being able to reclaim my life and sanity, which supported and encouraged me to make healthier decisions.

The Bottom Line - We each have a limited amount of time and space in our lives for close relationships. Removing someone from your life that you once felt close to can feel terrifying but if they have become toxic or threatening to your well being it is necessary to free-up that space for a new and healthier relationship to grow or to simply have more space for yourself.


My New 2021 ‘Walk Away Policy’. - The minute I sense someone is Gas Lighting me, trying to manipulate or control me or displaying words or behaviors of entitlement towards any part of my life – I will simply walk away with no looking back. It’s quick and easy to do and requires zero drama.

Until next time - I’ll leave you with this wisdom -


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