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Just Do What's In Front of You

The Infamous Murder Suspect, Tabby Twiddlepaws

I've made it no secret that I struggle with reoccurring episodes of depression. And I am always open to learning new ways to improve my mood. Recently I heard this phrase used and it caught my attention - "Just do what's in front of you," - The phrase was used during a discussion about quieting the incessant chatter of the human brain. Known as "Monkey Mind" by many meditation practitioners. It's that constant, ceaseless flow of thoughts and opinions through our minds - that voice that harshly judges everything we say or do or ARE and what we want to say or do or BE - on and on and on it chatters - from the moment we wake up until we are once again asleep.

By focusing on JUST what is in front of me - be it working on an ink drawing, reading a book, or doing the dishes, I've found that if I can harness my mind's focus onto just what is in front of me in the present moment - it brings me momentary relief from depression. Because it turns down the volume on that self-defeating chatter. And if I can string together enough of those moments I can eventually build a pretty good day for myself.

Well - that's my mental health tip of the day.

I received word from my Editor in Scotland that she is quite perplexed over my decision to put Godzilla in the book. I didn't know how to tell her that besides Godzilla, The Beatles will also be in the book ...

Until next time ...

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