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Leisurely Neurographic Painting & Reading Weekend

Progress pics on my first Neurographic Art on Canvas -

I set my easel up in the living room and had a really good time playing around with this - I pre-treated the canvas with Matte finish Mod Podge and used only water based inks and watercolors - it came out pretty messy and drippy - BUT - this is something I have wanted to try for a long time. So, experiment completed! I will probably go over it with waterproof color glazes.

Our weather here turned from cold and rainy to warm and sunny, so I also got some badly needed gardening done on my little potted plant mess in the backyard.

Books I'm Reading

I follow Cal Newport's Podcasts on YouTube and I am always so amazed that he reads a minimum of 5 books a month. Seriously - that dude is a READING MACHINE! My average has been about 1 to 2 if I work hard at it. LOL

Being dyslexic, I do read much slower than normal people, but I make-up for it in determination and persistence.

The 2 books I am currently reading are -

And one I started reading LAST YEAR and then put down - so NOW I am reading it hopefully to its conclusion - HAHA!

Both books are really wonderful reads - each inspiring and uplifting in their own way.

I hope this blog post finds you all doing something relaxing that you enjoy this weekend, also!

Until next time ... Here's some peaceful music for you to enjoy -

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