Life After Facebook

I once read that, as an artist with a small business, Facebook was a "necessary evil."

Well, it is certainly evil - but it is NOT necessary.

I've been suspecting for some time now that my Facebook posts were being suppressed and recently discovered that they, in fact, ARE and WHY they are being suppressed? It turns out that Facebook has begun doing this with people who have their own pages (small businesses) to FORCE them to BUY post "Boosting" for "Audience Optimization" - LMAO - Good Luck with THAT plan.

Although a few of my sales came from friends on Facebook, the amount of sheer frustration in having my posts buried and suppressed while simultaneously being strong-armed to give them money, has simply forced me to leave the platform.

Facebook's net worth is $527 BILLION DOLLARS. I barley make it on my monthly Social Security Retirement stipend - They want ME to give THEM money? Give me a f*cking break.

In addition to this - the constant drip, drip, drip of chaos, fear, and personal drama which assaults my eyes every damn time I log-on to that site has become overwhelming.

It's no secret I have a love-hate relationship with "Social Media" in general - but this has gone way beyond that. It's a form of avarice and ugliness I want nothing more to do with.

Until next time ... Here's Cheap Trick with 'Ain't That a Shame' -


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