Limited Choices?

It's not that I don't enjoy talking to my cats or talking to myself, but I would love to talk to someone else once in awhile. So, first I searched for groups or communities for "artists over 60 online" - and I found none. Then I searched for "transgender people over 60" and "gender nonconforming people over 60" again, I found none. Next, I decided to look online for ANY social communities for people over 60.

I found one called "Stitch" - I watched the introductory videos and it was pretty appealing and seemed "activity and hobby" based and not a "dating site" per se, which was what I was looking for.

Thus, I began the application process -

I chose 50+

So far, so good ... but then ...

Apparently, if you are over 50 you can't possibly be anything but male or female.

As a gender nonconforming human being, I've been forced to answer this one question incorrectly over the course of my entire life. Job Applications, Driver's License, Medical Forms, Legal Forms, etc. etc. etc.

I'm done answering it incorrectly.

So, I'll go back to talking to my cats and myself. Thank you very much.

I sent the people at Stitch an email:

"First of all, I was surprised to discover you are based in San Francisco, of all places, and yet ONLY offer 2 gender choices when signing up for a new account.

It's 2020 folks - gender-nonconforming people over 50 years old ACTUALLY EXIST. I am one of them and I am 65."


Until next time ... Here's Marilyn Manson with "This Is The New Shit"


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