M.C. Escher

"Three Worlds" by M.C. Escher. First printed in December 1955 (the year I was born)

My explorations into the life and works of M.C. Escher were rewarded with many incredibly thought provoking images and ideas. Although he is best known for his mirror ball and ascending and descending staircases - it was the image above that really captured my attention on so many different levels at once.

A flare-up of my Calcific Tendonitis has rendered me a tad disabled. I hate using that word, but it best describes my situation. These flare-ups used to only last a day or two but this one has been going on for over a week now and because of that, I have decided to put my Holiday Animated Special on hold. It is just too painful and exhausting for me to sit at the computer for prolonged periods of time. This condition normally affects people in their shoulders and my Dr. is at a loss to explain why I have it in my hamstring (hip) - but because that is where it is I have chronic pain 24/7 sitting, standing and laying down. It's been going on over a year now. During a flare-up the pain increases and intensifies by quite a bit.

There were some other plans I had for the Holidays that I will also be putting on hold and I won't be putting up the tree or decorating the house this year.

My best line of defense against the pain is keeping my mind active and engaged. So I've been reading a lot and watching films that interest me. After I read the book I got on Escher, I watched 6 or 7 biographies about him online. I like to completely devour all available information on a topic of interest once I have chosen it.

This 2 part film produced by the BBC Scotland was particularly good - so I shall share it here.

Until next time ...


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