Main Studio Computer Died - Starting Over

Well, here we go -

First the mic stopped working, then one of the cameras stopped working, then several programs stopped working. I tried uninstalling recent software and updates, drivers, all the usual problem solving steps were followed, etc. etc., - nothing worked.

So - I did a Windows 10 System Reset which removed ALL programs and installed a fresh version of Win 10.

This appears to have fixed the problem - however, I've decided NOT to reinstall a lot of the programs that I had before.

Since this is my main working computer and I rely on it exclusively, I've decided to only install the software I use to work with - no more games or miscellaneous apps, as I fear it was the recent addition of one of these things that caused everything to crap-out on me.

It will take several hours, if not days, to get everything functioning correctly once again. If the problems and issues resurface I will look into replacing the computer.

Until next time ...


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