Maintenance Monday & Creator's Corner

I've decided that 2021 is the year I'm going to add a little structure to my work week in the studio! Let's see how long this lasts! HAHAHA

Monday mornings for the past year or so I have done a general Computer Maintenance - I run operational scans, download and install any updates to drivers and empty my Google browser cache. I've found this prevents a ton of would-be problems and highly recommend this practice to anyone working from home who's using their computer for their work.


I want to add a VLOG here once a month which will be aimed at other Multimedia Creators featuring information specific to creativity and offering new digital file collections I'll be adding for download that are geared toward them and not the general public. I'll be calling that new section "Creators Corner" and it will have it's own page on the website.

Having spent many decades acquiring and curating a massive personal library of Public Domain images, I want to start breaking them down into packs that can be downloaded and used by other creators. There are sites which already do this but they demand that you pay a monthly subscription - I will not be doing that. Frankly, I detest subscription plans for most things and especially software and digital files. It's all just a easy money grab in my opinion.


Now that the store is open and I've only a few more items to add for now, I'll be returning to the drawing table. I have some wonderful ideas for my Pen & Ink Illuminated Animal series in the que - a Polar Bear, Snail and a Lion. I'll also be returning to my graphite series on Endangered Species as well.

These works will be filmed, edited and produced by me as part of my new Inspirational series.

Studio 2, which houses my wood crafting, resin and glass engraving will remain, for the most part, an experimental area as I develop new product ideas.

Until next time ... I always grab a random CD from my library to listen to when I make my run to the Post Office - this morning I grabbed one that contains my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG - Here's Art Garfunkel with "Waters of March" -


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