Making Art or Making Noise?

This week I am making some changes between my studio 1 and studio 2 layouts. Moving my Wacom Cintiq and some other drawing materials out of the main studio where I film work and into studio 2 where there are no cameras or internet access.

Yesterday I listened to a 2019 YouTube talk by artist Adam Duff where he described how the Social Media rat race and the pressure to deliver art work to Social Media platforms in order to gain attention, comments, followers, likes, ect. can really destroy the quality of work you produce as an artist. Why? Because if you're filming your work for YouTube or Vimeo you are not creating art - you are creating a show. The camera is on - and when that camera is on you are not focusing on your art - you focusing on how your audience is perceiving you creating your art.

I don't use Twitter, Art Station, or Instagram and I left Facebook last month and I could not be happier about my decision. Perhaps this is a function of my age - perhaps this is a function of me simply being sick and tired of what passes for "Social Media" - (it's neither social nor media in my opinion)

My pen and ink illustration of the Fox has been sitting, unfinished, since last year - and it has been so because I kept feeling that I HAD to film to ending sequence to it - I HAD to produce something SHOWING my work - I HAD TO. I REALLY HAD TO.

That particular mindset has had me frozen in a state of complete suspended animation. I stopped working all together at my drawing table.

So - I'm making some changes and we shall see how or if it impacts my work going forward.

Until next time ...


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