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Malingering Buttress on Social Media

As much as I dislike using Facebook, it does have the ability to reach people who might be interested in this book. In the past, infrequent posts I'd made about this idea had reached over 250 people who "liked" it on the Edward Gorey Facebook page.

While 250 people may not seem like a lot to many current "online artists" - it sure is a lot to me. So, I wanted to create a page solely for this purpose. To share the book's progress, talk about what inspired me to create it and its history, explain how it is being made and show some of my sources for reference.

I also felt uncomfortable continuing to share things about the book on the Gorey page, because it felt like I was encroaching on hallowed ground. And although the book is an homage to Mr. Gorey, it is important to me that it also stand on its own merit as a creative work.

The page can be found here:

In addition to this, I'm planning on trying something totally new, as an experiment, I'm going to Live Stream myself working on illustrations on my YouTube channel once a week. I'm thinking Fridays might be a good day for this - I've yet to settle on a time. But once it's all set-up I'll be announcing it here, on YouTube and on the Book of Faces.

Until next time ... here's some more of my favorite drawing music -

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