Maxim Zhestkov and My Week

This has been such a blissfully strange and wonderful week for me. I began sleeping all night again for the first time in years. I shared with close friends that I feel a bit like I'm coming out of coma - slowly recompiling and reassembling parts of myself and my psyche that I misplaced years ago. And in doing so, gradually remembering who I am and what I want to do. It's almost as if I've been living a shadow existence - not fully present in the world but instead projected onto the world. A shadow holograph of sorts.

As I began to remember who I am my next move was to go find my people. We all belong to "tribes" of one kind or another. Some people use their religion as their tribe, others use their politics, sports, gender or any number of other shared experiences or beliefs. My tribe is made-up of other artists. Particularly artists like Maxim Zhestkov and Ash Thorp, who really push at the boundaries of art, expanding and exploring new imaginative concepts. Much like my experiments with animated fractal faced spheres. These 2 short films above represent Max's experiments applying organic properties to spherical particle systems.

I became aware of Maxim through Maxx Burman, another artistic hero of mine. I was instantly transfixed by some architectural matte paintings I saw of Maxim's and immediately looked him up. I was fascinated by what I found.

Until next time ...

I think my present sense of deep joy can be summed-up in this 1988 discussion between my long time mentor, Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers -


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