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Memento Mori

"Memento Mori" is Latin for - "Remember You Must Die."

"Tempus Fugit" is Latin for - "Time Flies"

"Amor Fati" is Latin for - "Love Your Destiny."

I very rarely buy myself any frivolous gifts, especially jewelry. But the energy in my life is changing rapidly and I want to honor these changes and 'bookmark them in time' by gifting myself with an important reminder - Time is so fleeting and I must die someday, so I'd better make the most of each day I have left.

Last year I began reading Stoic Philosophy and these sayings are part and parcel of what I've been introduced to. "Amor Fati" will be engraved on the inside band of the ring.

To love and embrace my destiny is something I really need to begin practicing more intensely. Rather than curse my extended isolation, I need to be grateful for it, be grateful that I have NOT become ill, be grateful for each new day I am given and in turn, make the most of each one.

My dear friend and editor in Scotland is back in the hospital and her condition is quite serious. Please send your healing energy and prayers her way. Thank you.

Until next time ...

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