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More Work Delays

Hey Blog Peeps - Hello!

Before I talk about being sick - I wanted to share with you this magnificent work from a Russian digital effects company. Argunov Studio. If you have not seen the film it is available on Amazon Prime with English dubbing.

I have fallen ill. At this time I do not know what it is. I will be speaking with my Dr. over the phone tomorrow. Due to the rampant outbreak of COVID locally they are not allowing any appointments at hospitals or clinics.

This started for me about 6 days ago. Lots of deep body aches, brain fog - feeling surreal, coughing, sneezing, sore throat and post nasal drip with tons of mucus like a head cold - worst extreme fatigue ever. But then it completely cleared up for about 36 hours - I felt great, my brain was sharp, no aches and pains I was busy with my studio remodeling and then BAM!!! it came back - all of it. But never any fever. I have not had any fever at all.

No explanation. No reason. I was perfectly fine, I felt the energy of creative drive rushing through me, I felt ALIVE again ... and then BAM!!! I was not ... all over again, like a bad recurring nightmare.

So, I don't know what to think at this point. I'm sure my Dr. will want me to get tested. I have had all my shots and boosters and I only go out once a week to grocery shop and go to the Post Office and when I do I am ALWAYS DOUBLE MASKED. P95 under cloth. I have zero contact with people - so how the hell this happened is a mystery.

But - I have to deal with it, none the less. So for now - no work is getting done in the studio and that is far worse than being sick as far as I am concerned.

Until next time ... a new band, I discovered watching Saturday Night Live, with a message I think the entire world shares right now -

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