My Adult Home Schooling Curriculum

Besides my new 2021 studio work schedule involving the release of my Ephemera Product Lines, I have decided to home school myself in 3 different disciplines that interest me.

Spencerian Penmanship

Euclidian Geometry

Fundament Drawing Skills

I attended grade school in a one room school house in Woodgate, New York where I was taught, among other things, how to write cursive using The Palmer Method and how to read with Dick and Jane. (I actually have a much loved Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane in my library!)

Above: Example of the Palmer Method

As soon as I reached my teens I quickly abandoned cursive writing in favor of printing and then in the late 1980's my handwriting was replaced, for the most part, by a computer.

I was inspired to return to the study of cursive writing by a few things, one of them being a 2014 TED Talk by an artist, whose skills I deeply admire, Jake Weidman. And another being my renewed decades long love affair with pen and ink.

Plus - New Research has revealed that handwriting in cursive actually FORMS new neural networks within the brain and improves memory - it aides in Neural Plasticity. Something that I, as a 65 year old, am keenly interested in. Also of interest to me is the fact that it eases symptoms of dyslexia - something I suffer from. So - Win/Win!


As a professional precision mechanical inspector for over 45 years I was very accomplished in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standards as well as rudimentary Trigonometry. However - I had NEVER taken a class in either subject. I was taught on the job by the many mechanical engineers and precision machinists I mentored with.

Geometry has always fascinated me and how it relates to art intrigues me immensely.

And so, I have ordered a used Geometry text book with problems and proofs and will work through it front to back.

Drawing Fundamentals

I think I may have mentioned this before - Another area of formal education and discipline I never received in my youth was the basic rules and fundamental practices of rendering objects in drawings.

While I am confident in my abilities as a skilled penman - (Not a Master Penman by any means) - the fact remains - I never actually had a formal education in Drawing and that, just like Penmanship and Geometry is something I have always wanted.

Thus, I am gifting myself with some uninterrupted time and focus every day to improve myself, my skills, and my brain. This was my 2020 Christmas present to myself.

Until next time ... Here's One Republic with "I Lived" -


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