My Love Affairs with Glass & Antiquary Print Design

When I was about 4 or 5 years old (1960-ish) my Godmother worked in the front office of the Corning Glass Company. I think she saw something in me that no else did, (my endless curiosity) because she loved introducing me to things I might otherwise have never experienced. So one day, she took me on a tour of where she worked.

Corning at that time was most famous for inventing Pyrex (1915) - a glass used in baking and cooking dishes.

We toured the whole facility and she explained to me how glass was made and even I got to watch the glass blowers at their work - I was beyond mesmerized by it all. Glass seemed like such a mysteriously compelling substance - at once fluid and then solid, transparent and glistening.

I have very few cherished memories from my young childhood - but this is one that I hold closest to my heart. My discovery of glass and the beginning of a life long love affair with it.

Present Day - The Corning Museum of Glass offers not only art to see but a rich display of history and classes and workshops for the young and old -

I began exploring glass engraving techniques about 10 years ago. At that time I was living in a tiny cramped 400 sq. ft. Silicon Valley apartment, so there was not too much I could accomplish. Still I acquired the necessary beginners equipment and played a bit, learning the fundamentals. But when I retired and relocated to my current home - I knew it would eventually house a glass studio. Last year I began renovating one of the bedrooms into one with the assistance of my painters helpers -

As my finances allow, I've been slowly adding equipment and materials to that studio while simultaneously learning techniques in glass cutting & polishing, engraving, Leaf Gilding, Verre églomisé and embossing.

Which dovetails into my love affair with Vintage print design.

My studio library contains an estimated 250,000 (a quarter of a million) Royalty Free fonts and images from late 1800's - early 1900s. Encompassing The Golden Age of Illustration. I have been collecting them both in print and digitally for over 40 years.

Which brings us to The Heritage Type Company.

I am a customer of this wonderful purveyor of digital typeface and ornament, I recently received an invitation from them to apply to become an affiliate. If accepted, this will become my first Studio affiliation.

Currently I am working on the design for the Glass Studio ad and business card which I hope to use when reaching out to galleries. Because I believe that by combining the techniques I have learned - I am about to produce some extremely unique works of glass art from this new studio.

Until next time ... Here's Django Reinhardt with "Django's tiger" -


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