My Return to Skyrim

Day 338 of my Quarantine in Isolation

I have been having a BLAST playing Skyrim Special Edition. I had forgotten about how immersive and involved this open-ended world explorer/first person combat platform was. The ability to escape totally into a graphically gorgeous fantasy world and become completely involved in it has relieved so much of my recent depression - better than anything else I've tried.

The Radiant Artificial Intelligence that Bethesda employed for the NPC's makes them so much fun to deal with and, I just have to state this publicly, the AI NPC's in this game are far and away a vast improvement over the majority of Real People I met in Second Life over the past years. Seriously. Second Life was fun early on but it has become a rife breeding ground for pathological narcissists, pedophiles and sexual predators. Just Ick. Not for me, thanks. I regret entering back into that world even for a few hours last week.

Today I'm venturing out into the Real World to run errands - and I wanted to share with you the sunset from yesterday - photos taken out my back door - the colors were so amazing!

Until next time ... Here's the epic Skyrim adventuring theme song! Let's go hunt some dragons!


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